Yesterday’s announcement (link) that WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc. will combine their operations would create the third largest entity in the U.S. Streaming Market by Share of total Subscriptions, pending completion.

Share of Total Subscriptions

HBO Max and Discovery+, under one combined company, would own 13% of all Premium SVOD Subscriptions in the U.S. as…

Discovery+ launched January 4th, positioning itself as the definitive SVOD for real-life entertainment (link). ANTENNA observed the service’s launch with respect to the broader market.

Total Premium SVOD Sign-ups grew 2% MoM from December to January. Discovery+ drove the increase, claiming 19% of Sign-ups.

If we remove Discovery+ from the…

After finding a second life as a cultural phenomenon on Netflix, The Office returned home to NBCU’s Peacock on January 1, 2021. The series’ move serves as a fascinating case study in library programming as a vehicle for subscriber acquisition and the power of content vs. distribution.

The Office drove 3.9x more Sign-ups to Peacock compared to the average December weekend

Peacock earned more…

Brendan Brady

Content Strategy @AntennaData

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